If you get a sudden urge for chocolate cake but don’t feel like going through the trouble of making one, try a five-minute mug cake. This tasty confection can be whipped up in your microwave and, best of all, doesn’t require a lengthy list of ingredients or equipment. Everything you need may already be in your cupboards.

Things You'll Need

Put the flour, sugar and unsweetened cocoa in your mug and combine with a small whisk.

Add the egg and whisk it into the dry ingredients until completely combined.

Pour the milk and vegetable oil into the mug. Mix with the whisk until all ingredients are combined.

Stir chocolate chips and vanilla extract into the mug.

Place the mug on a plate or napkin in your microwave oven. Set the temperature to high and cook for three minutes.

Allow the cake to cool for two or three minutes before serving — either in the mug or on a plate.