How to Make a Fast and Simple Pie Crust

By LeafTV Editor

How to Make a Fast and Simple Pie Crust. When it comes to making pie crust, many cooks feel like they're not up for the task. It can be difficult to roll out the dough to fit the pan and if you don't flip it just right, you wind up with holes in the pie crust. With a few cooking tips, though, anyone can make a fast and simple pie crust.

Step 1

Dice 1 stick of butter. Cut the stick in half and use an egg slicer to make small slices. Turn the butter and slice to make diced cubes. Repeat with the other half stick of butter. Break apart pieces with a fork and refrigerate.

Step 2

Mix flour, salt and sugar together in a bowl. Remember to spoon flour into the measuring cup rather than scooping with the measuring cup.

Step 3

Blend butter cubes into the dry ingredients. Mash the small cubes into the dough while stirring with a fork.

Step 4

Add cold or iced water to the dough. Use ¼ to ½ Tbsp. at a time and mix after each addition. When the dough forms a ball and feels slightly sticky to touch, you have enough water.

Step 5

Place the ball of dough onto a piece of wax paper. Lay a second piece of wax paper over the ball and roll out the dough. Turn your pie pan upside down on top of the pie crust to measure size. You may need to tear off a section of pie crust and move it to make rolling easier.

Step 6

Pull off the top piece of wax paper. Set the pie pan upside down on the pie crust and flip it over. Adjust as needed and remove the second piece of wax paper, which should now be on top of the pie crust.

Step 7

Fill with pie filling or bake and freeze.