Re-purposed materials are all the rage these days. In a green world with a down-turned economy, it is important to make the most of what you’ve got. Many men have dozens of ratty neckties collecting dust in their closets. Even more men donate their old neckties to thrift shops, where they are available for purchase for a minimal cost. Turn your collection of old neckties into a new fashion statement by sewing a necktie dress.

Things You'll Need

Collect a variety of neckties. Lay them out and arrange them in different patterns until you find an order that suits you. When selecting your ties, choose neckties that have a similar weight and texture for an even drape.

Seam rip the back of each necktie to unfold the fabric. Be extra careful with silk ties, as the fabric is extremely delicate. Remove tie inserts that keep the tie stiff. Press or steam the ties flat. Use the lowest iron temperature possible.

Cut the ties to the length of dress you would like. The dress is easily made with a strapless flat bust line, or use tie remnants for straps. Save the skinny ends of the ties to create the top of the dress.

Pin the ties together and begin stitching. Creating two panels that will attach to each other along the length of each panel. This will ensure the dress will cover the length of your whole body. Stitch along the original seam line of each tie, leaving about 1/2 inch seam on the reverse side of the panel. Wrap each panel around the part of your body it will cover to check the fit as you go.

Attach each completed panel, laying the top panel over the bottom one so the ties triangle-shaped end overlaps the top of the lower panel. Stitch each panel together along the top of the downward-facing triangle of each tie.

Steam each seam open or lay flat facing the same direction. Create a trim for the top of the dress from the skinny pieces of the tie. Measure the halfway point in the width of the pieces. Place the marked point on the rim of the dress folding down on each side. Attach with pins, then sew on the sewing machine along the bottom of the pieces.

Attach the zipper to the skirt using pins, then hand sew into the inside of the dress.