What could be more mellow than sitting in the lawn and crafting a handmade necklace from dandelions? It’s time to give the dandelion flower the love it deserves and learn how to make a handmade necklace from dandelions today.

Things You'll Need

Locate an area that is rich in dandelions. This can be in your yard or in a public place. A dandelion flower has such a brilliant shade of gold that finding an area won’t be difficult, if it’s early spring and they haven’t been mowed recently. Mowing tends to train the stems to grow shorter, and if you’re making dandelion jewelry you want to aim for a longer stem, so head for unmowed fields or grass.

Lay a blanket down and sit on it. Begin to pick a few long stemmed dandelions and lay three of them together and begin braiding. Try not to break the stems by snapping them, braid just tight enough that they stay together. You might want to use a clover flower stem or a thick blade of grass to keep the initial three dandelions together if it looks like they’re going to unravel. Your handmade necklace will take a bit of patience to get started.

Add new strands of dandelion to the braid, alternating with a different section each time. Place the new dandelion flower head against the braid and pull the stem into your braid at the next turn. Bring in a new dandelion every two to three turns, so that your flowers are evenly spaced along the braid.

Make a loop of stems when you’ve reached your desired length. The first three flowers will be passed through the loop, to form a dandelion pendant.

Keep dandelion jewelry in the fridge when you’re not wearing it. It can last up to two or three days.


  • Try making a matching bracelet or a dandelion ring to go with your handmade necklace.