How to Make a Cute, Messy Hairstyle. The messy, straight-out-of-bed hairstyle that celebs sport and everyone craves actually takes some planning and style. The cut does not make the hair-do with this messy style. The right product and a few minutes make all the difference.

Layer your hair for the best results. Layered hair works very well with the chunky styling of the mussed look. The layers add dimension and volume to the sections of styled hair.

Pick your products wisely. Not all hair products are made the same. For a cute, messy hairstyle, pick a pomade that is fiber-based. Micro fibers are great for grabbing hair and holding the style while keeping a natural movement and texture.

Rub the product over both hands so it is spread evenly on each finger. Tilt your head to one side so you hair falls a little away from your shoulder. Comb the hair product through your hair with your finger starting at the underside. Follow this step around your head until you have lightly coated all your hair.

Snag little sections of hair from the top layers and piece them out a little with the product left over on your hands. Focus on the ends of your hair. You don’t need to section out starting at the roots. A few well-placed chunks of hair give the dimensions and personality that make up this messy do.

Scrunch your hair to top off the style. Even if your hair is straight, a little scrunching action tops off a cute messy hair style. It erases any signs of pre-planned work and styling. Give your head a little shake and scoot out the door with your new style.