T-shirts are a perennial favorite but instead of sticking to the traditional scoop or v-neck t-shirt, many women are making alterations to express their personal style. There are a few simple things you can do to create a look all your own.

Things You'll Need

Decide which t-shirt you want to transform. Pick one that’s not too tight, so the fabric doesn’t look stretched. Cut-off t-shirts should look relaxed and comfortable.

Cut 2-inch lines from each side of the neck, going towards, but not reaching, the shoulder seams. Make sure not to cut into the shoulder seams, because you need those for the structural integrity of the shirt. Now that you’ve started widening the collar, cut from one incision to the other in the front of the shirt, creating a V neck or a scoop neck. Next, cut below the factory-made collar in the back and remove the entire original collar. Now you have a wider, more relaxed looking collar for your T-shirt.

Enhance the style by cutting off the bottom of the t-shirt. First, put on the t-shirt to see how much you’d like to cut. Cut up the center of the shirt to the place you’d like it to begin. Take the shirt off and, using the point you created, cut around the rest of the fabric. You can create a different effect by cutting up the side of the T-shirt and down to the other side in a diagonal. This creates an asymmetrical look for the bottom of the shirt.

Add style to the sleeves by cutting a few inches up to the top of each sleeve — the part that sits on the outside of your arm when you’re wearing the t-shirt. Make sure to stop before cutting into the shoulder seams. Do this with both sleeves. The two parts of the cut sleeves should now fall open in a relaxed way.

Try on your T-shirt to make sure you’re happy with the overall look. Make adjustments as you desire.

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