Create these super chic and easy bouquets to give as gifts or use at a wedding in under 1 hour.

Things You'll Need

Once you have decided what container to use and what size cupcakes to use, remove layers of cabbage until the cabbage head fits half way into the opening of the container. Half of the cabbage should be revealed. Now take the cabbage head and place it on a piece of paper and trace around it. This i how big of a surface you will be working to cover so now fit as many cupcakes as you can into this paper circle, to assess how many cupcakes you will be using.

Now take a piece of the colored tissue paper and wrap around the cabbage head. Place the cabbage into the chosen container and push down until it is nice and snug

Now it’s time to decorate your cupcakes. You can pretty much mess around with an extra cupcake until you find a design that you like. Trust me, any design that you do will look like a flower. It might be a good idea to have a pic of your favorite flower handy. Or you can go with something real simple like a swirl using a 1m tip and they will look like roses. After decorating the cupcakes place them in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. This will let them crust and stiffen them so they are easy to work with. If you are particularly clumsy you may want to decorate them once you’ve place them on the cabbage head. If you do that be careful and make sure that the frosting does not fall off as you are working your way around.

Now take your tooth picks and place two into the bottom of a cupcake , to make holes and remove them, now take those same two tooth picks and arrange them on the head of cabbage. Once they are placed into the cabbage, place the cupcake onto them. Repeat for each cupcake

After you are satisfied with the arrangement of the cupcakes, take the tissue paper and crumble it up a bit, but make sure the corners are visible. Place it in the gaps between the cupcakes, making sure the corner of the paper is poking through.

Now make a bow out of the ribbon and use double sided tape to adhere to the front of the vase. To make the bouquet transportable, lay out a huge piece of tissue paper or basket wrap and place the bouquet in the middle. Gather wrap half way up the vase and roll a large rubber band or use tape to wrap around to secure and cover it with ribbon. You’re Done! Enjoy!


  • Be creative when choosing the colors of the flowers and tissue paper

  • You can choose any vase that you like as long as the opening is large enough, experiment with different sizes.

  • To make this a really green project, you can wrap the cabbage in plastic wrap and tissue paper so it can still be used and you could also use newspaper dyed with food coloring instead of tissue paper.