A crystal tiara is more easy to put together than you think -- whether you're getting ready for a walk down the aisle, or just putting together something for the dress-up trunk.

The easiest way to create a tiara that will fit, and easily stay on your head, is to build a headband -- the half-style kind -- and once that's complete, then build the crystal structure on top of that. (The round circle kind usually require bobby pins or clips to stay on your head.)

Unspool enough wire to create a headband. Leave about a quarter-inch on either side. Take the round-nose pliers and grip the ends, twisting each end into a circle. This will create a safe, round edge on each end of the headband so the wire will not dig into your skin.

If one strand of wire is not enough, repeat step 2. Wrap the two wires together to form a stronger headband. If it's still not strong enough for your liking, form yet a third strand, and wrap that, too.

Once your headband is complete, you can start building the top of the tiara. What you want to do here is create several slightly overlapping triangles.

First: Decide how many, and how high you want the triangles of your tiara to be. A good number is one three-inch triangle in the front, two two-inch triangles (on either side of the center triangle), and two one-inch triangles on the outside.

Therefore, you'll cut the following pieces of wire: One six-and-a-half inch piece (leaving room to wrap it onto the headband); two four-and-a-half pieces; and two two-and-a-half pieces. (Obviously, since they'll be bent in half, you'll need them to be twice as long as they will be high.

Before you attach them to the headband, however, you'll need to attach the crystals. You have a choice: either glue rhinestones or crystal beads with a hot glue gun. If you choose this option, be careful, as the glue is sticky, and can be difficult to control.

If threading the beads, then first take the center triangle-to-be and begin threading the crystal beads onto the wire. When the wire is nearly full, attach it to the center of the headband using the round-nose pliers. Pull as tightly as you can to secure the triangle.

Repeat step 8 with the remaining triangles, overlapping them to create s sturdy,upright frame.

If necessary, cut smaller pieces of wire to secure the triangles where they meet at the base. Hide them between the crystals.

Enjoy feeling like a princess.