The legendary Mrs. Field’s masterfully combines ice, ice cream, milk and cookies to create the glorious Chiller. Making your own cookie chiller gives you control over the ultimate flavor and sweetness of the drink. Choose your favorite cookies or make it a lighter dessert by using low-fat ice cream. Ice is important to replicate the texture of the Chiller served at Mrs. Field’s, but you can omit it for a smoother consistency.

Things You'll Need

Combine equal parts ice, vanilla ice cream, milk and crushed cookies in the jar of a blender.

Pulse the mixture to break up the ice and combine the ingredients.

Pour the drink into tall, chilled drinking glasses. Garnish with a dollop of whipped cream, if desired.


  • Stir in garnishes, such as shaved chocolate and peanut butter, to put your own spin on the Chiller.