Are you looking for a low cost and effective deep conditioner for your hair? Olive oil is an affordable treatment for dry, brittle hair. Olive oil not only conditions hair, but it also adds shine and elasticity to hair. Try this olive oil hair treatment today, and you will soon be on your way to a head of healthier, shinier hair.

Things You'll Need

Fill a microwaveable safe bowl or cup with 1/2 cup of olive oil. Place the bowl or cup into the microwave. Microwave it for 30 seconds.

Take the heated olive oil into the bathroom. Place it somewhere safe near your bathtub where it will not tip over and spill.

Saturate your hair with the olive oil. Concentrate getting the olive oil on your scalp and the ends of your hair.

Once you have put all of the olive oil on your hair, place the shower cap on top of your head.

Leave the olive oil and the shower cap on your head for thirty minutes. This will allow the olive oil to deeply condition your hair.

After thirty minutes rinse your hair with cool water. Then shampoo your hair. You will probably need to wash your hair at least twice to get all of the olive oil out of your hair.

Use your normal hair conditioner. After you wash out your conditioner, use a wide tooth comb to comb through your hair.


  • This hot olive oil treatment can be repeated once a week.