Collared shirts are a must-have for every season. They look fantastic in a work ensemble, but they can also be stylish and casual. If you’re going out on the weekend or just running errands, your collared-shirt look shouldn’t be too formal, but rather sassy and cute. Men and women alike can look great in a collared shirt, and with just a few tricks or additions to your outfit, you can sass up even the plainest-looking button-up.

Things You'll Need

Layer the collared shirt with a cardigan or pullover sweater. Men and women alike can wear these. Once the sweater is on, pull the collar up and then fold it down over the neck of the sweater so that it can be easily seen. Smooth out the collared shirt underneath the sweater by pulling down on the bottom of the shirt to remove any wrinkles.

Undo one or two of the shirt’s top buttons. To avoid looking formal or “corporate,” leave two undone. Don’t undo more than a couple of buttons, though. Avoid showing off too much chest hair or decolletage.

Wear a tank top or graphic tee underneath the collared shirt. Leave the collared shirt unbuttoned all the way to show off a cotton shirt. For women, a light camisole or tank top will give your outfit a summer glow. For men, wear a lightweight graphic tee.

Wear the collared shirt with a pair of casual, dark wash jeans. A collared shirt with a short, tailored bottom meant to remain untucked will look the best with this stylish choice. Women can add a skinny belt over the collared shirt around the smallest part of the waist to emphasize their figure.

Add accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets or a watch to create an elegant, semi-formal look. Women can add emphasis to a collared shirt by wearing bright, jewel-tone, chunky bracelets and necklaces. Men can add a nice watch to dress up a collared shirt.