So you love cappuccinos but don’t have several hundred to spend on a cappuccino machine. Here’s how to make a cappuccino or latte at home without a new mortgage.

Buy a $15-20 stove top espresso maker and a pound of espresso ground coffee. The Bialetti Moka Express works fantastically for me, here are other products. I use the three cup version since it is cheap and I rarely need more than three cappuccinos at a time. If you entertain with coffee drinks, then you might want a larger stove top espresso maker.

Put cold filtered water in the bottom up to the fill line. Fill the permanent filter with espresso ground coffee. I prefer Dunkin Donuts Coffee or Starbucks Espresso but with less grounds. Any coffee store will usually grind their beans for free. But if you want to ‘splurge’ buy a twenty dollar grinder. Screw on the top, and place on the stove over low to medium heat. (2-4 on a 1-10 range)

While the espresso is brewing put 2/3 a mug of milk into your favorite coffee mug. (Add a tablespoon of sugar for sweetening. You can also add cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, almond extract, or vanilla extract for flavoring). Put in the microwave for a little over a minute.

Place a small whisk in the mug. Grasp in between two palms, and spin rapidly back and forth for a few seconds. A mini whisk like the one shown works best for whisking right in your mug. This one comes from for $1. That’s the best price I could find. Tell me if you find better! Pour in espresso and enjoy your cappuccino!

  • See more tips on cappuccinos in the tips section below.


  • Make sure to brew the espresso on low heat. It takes a little longer but adds a little crema to your espresso.