How to Make a Cap for Wigs

By Robert Godard

Wig caps are used to keep wigs attached to a person and ensure that they do not fall off. They are placed inside of the wig, and are usually elastic so that they can fit snugly on someones head. Constructing a wig cap can be useful for costume design, or for regular everyday wear.

Wigs allow you to switch up your style temporarily.

Step 1

Decide how you want your wig cap to function. Do you simply want to keep the wig on your head, or you do you want to add some volume to your wig by propping your wig cap up and making it more stiff? Before you start to put together your wig cap and decide what you want it to do for you.

Step 2

Take a pair of nylons and wrap them around your head. This will be used as your wig cap.

Step 3

Tie the top of the nylons into a knot while it is still on your head. This is your chance to be creative. If you want to puff out your wig a little, use the excess nylon to construct an even layer on top of the wig cap. This will add some volume to your wig.

Step 4

Remove the nylons from your head. Cut any of the excess material using your scissors. When this is done, place it back on your head.

Step 5

Tuck all of your hair into the wig cap, making sure that nothing sticks out. You will now be able to comfortably wear a wig on top of the cap.