Purses have always been a fashion statement for women. Women's purses come in many different styles and colors. A new fashion statement that is taking women's fashions by storm is the pop tab purses. These purses are made with the tabs from cans of soda and beer. This is also an excellent way to recycle aluminum for the planet. Try your hand at one of these cute clutch purses.

Pin the two pieces of material together with right sides facing. Sew quarter-inch seams on three sides.

Pin the zipper onto the open seam and sew into place with a quarter-inch seam.

Turn the purse right side out and lay it flat on a hard surface. Beginning at the bottom corner, place two pop tabs next to each other with the finger hole facing down.

Lay two more pop tabs over the back end of the first two, creating an overlap effect and covering up the piece of metal that has torn from the can.

Attach all four together and on the purse with yarn, making an X over the junction of the four tabs with the tapestry needle and yarn. Tie off inside the purse lining.

Repeat Step 5 until the purse is completely covered with pop tabs. Connect the edges together in the same way.


Use any color. Add a strap.


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