Take the awe-inspiring Chevy Camaro and turn it into a breathtaking cake. There’s no need to run out and buy another molded cake pan that will only be used once and then stored away. Instead use the same trick professional cake decorators use when making a 3D cake and carve the car shape from a block of cake. Follow these steps to create a fun and memorable cake.

Things You'll Need

Draw the shape of a Camaro on a piece of paper. Cut the Camaro out and trace the cut-out on another sheet of paper. Cut the second drawing out. Make sure both paper cars are the same size. These are the paper templates for cutting the cake.

Trace the outline of the loaf pan on a cardboard cake board. Cut out the traced shape of the loaf pan. Wrap a paperback book in foil and place the cake board on top the wrapped book.

Oil and flour the loaf pan well. Pour the cake batter into the pan until the pan is ¾ of the way full. Bake the cake. Let the cake cool and remove it from the pan. Put the cake on the cake board right-side up.

Place the paper Camaro templates against the both long sides of the loaf cake. Secure the templates in place by inserting toothpicks at the front, top and back of the templates. Use a long, sharp, serrated kitchen knife and cut along the edge of the Camaro templates.

Place one fourth of a container of white frosting in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for one to two minutes, until the frosting is warm and soft. Ice the cake with the microwaved icing to keep the crumbs from the cut cake out of the final icing. Allow the icing to cool on the cake.

Mix the second half of the icing with food coloring to achieve the desired car color. Use a decorator’s spatula to smooth the colored frosting over the dried white icing.

Roll the black fondant thin and cut the shapes for the windows, front grill, and racing stripes out. Apply the fondant pieces to the car. Slice both chocolate doughnuts in half, so that there are four tire shapes. Use toothpicks to secure the doughnut halves to the car as tires.

Add a drop of black food coloring to the remaining white frosting and mix until the icing is a consistent light gray color. Spoon the icing into a sandwich bag, and snip a corner off the bag with scissors.

Squeeze the gray frosting on the doughnut in the shape of a tire rim. Use the gray icing to draw the Chevy emblem on the front grill and bumper.