How to Make a Bridesmaid Dress More Puffy

By W. Nicole Barclay

A bridesmaid dress can be one of the most difficult garments to style to your tastes. Whether you chose the dress yourself or chose it from the bride's options, you can make adjustments to feel comfortable and happy with your look on the big day. If you want to make the dress more voluminous and puffy, follow a few easy tips to get the desired result.


Step 1

Add shoulder pads to get puffy sleeves on your dress. Buy shoulder pads at craft or sewing store. Be sure to place them over your shoulders to make sure they're the desired volume. Choose a color like nude, which won't show through the dress fabric. Use fashion two-sided tape to adhere the pads temporarily to the inside of the dress sleeves and over your shoulders, or use a simple stitch or two with thread matching your dress fabric to keep the shoulder pads in place.

Step 2

Add puff to the back of a longer dress by adding a bustle. Take advantage of increased mobility during the reception by keeping your dress safely off the floor. Hire a professional for alterations on specialty fabrics like silk and chiffon, since a bustle will require sewing and support of heavier fabrics. Use a button, hook and eye or snap to create a secure way to add to the back of a dress. Take care to bustle the layers of a tiered dress separately.

Step 3

Get more volume in a dress skirt with a tulle slip or petticoat. Note that these items come in different lengths. Choose an undergarment that has a shorter hem than your dress. Buy a slip at a costume shop or order online from a specialty dress shop or lingerie shop.