The Bourbon Sour is a variation on the classic Whiskey Sour. The main difference between the two is the simple fact that bourbon is used in the Bourbon Sour whereas whiskey is used in the Whiskey Sour. The result is a slightly smokier, more pungent cocktail. Here’s how to make your own Bourbon Sour:

Things You'll Need

Fill the rocks glass nearly full of ice.

Add the bourbon to the rocks glass.

Add the lemon juice to the rocks glass.

Add the simple syrup to the rocks glass.

Stir the mixture to combine ingredients thoroughly.

Garnish by adding a maraschino cherry to the bottom of the glass and by placing a lemon wedge on the rim of the glass, if desired.

Serve immediately.


  • Although the lemon slice is an optional garnish, it should be noted that it does help to add a more citrus tang to the Bourbon Sour and it ought to be included if at all possible.

  • If the bourbon seems overpowering at first, then let the drink sit on ice for a few minutes. This will help dilute the powerful taste of the bourbon and mellow the drink’s flavor a bit.