Bling bandanas sell in high-end boutiques for sky-high prices. Making your own at home can save you money and provide you with a creative project you can enjoy. Make a bandana to match a special outfit, or use this craft for a kids’ birthday party or other event. Provide the materials for children to make bling bandanas, which are useful in the warmer months. Design and create your own boutique bandana for a less-than-boutique price.

Things You'll Need

Grab some paper and a pencil and sketch the design you want on your bandana. Some ideas are a cross, heart, star or initials. Alternately, decorate the bandana by applying the crystals along the edges instead of creating a design.

Lay the bandana flat on a work surface.

Arrange the crystals on the bandana without glue so you can see where each crystal should be placed before gluing them.

Pick up each rhinestone individually with tweezers, and place a small amount of clear fabric glue on to the back of the rhinestone.

Glue the rhinestone into place on the bandana. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the way the bandana looks. Check the glue directions to see how long the glue should dry before wearing your bling bandana.


  • For a kids’ bandana bling idea, use adhesive rhinestone crystals instead of glue, or let the kids decorate the bandanas with glitter glue.