You can create any bird your imagination can come up with by modeling them out of fondant. Fondant, a flexible dough made out of sugar, water and egg whites, can be rolled thin to make a covering for cakes, cupcakes and other confections. Much like modeling clay, it sculpts easily to form flowers, birds, animals or other decorative shapes to decorate confections. Create a bluebird out of fondant for a whimsical addition to your next confection.

Things You'll Need

Dust a work surface with confectioner’s sugar. Place a portion of fondant the size of three golf balls on the work surface.

Knead the fondant into a ball using the palms of your hands. Poke a hole in the top of the fondant with your finger.

Open a container of blue food coloring gel. Dip half a toothpick into the food coloring and put it in the hole of the fondant ball.

Knead the fondant again until the color has been incorporated throughout the dough.

Roll a small ball the size of an eraser tip with your hands. Dip a toothpick into a container of yellow food coloring. Knead the color into the fondant. Use your fingers to shape the ball into a small cone to create the beak of the bird.

Roll a piece of white fondant the size of a nickel 1/8 inch thin with a rolling pin. Cut out an oval shape with a craft knife.

Divide the blue fondant in half, and then separate one half into three smaller portions. Form one of the small portions into a ball, and the other two into small tear-drop shapes. Flatten the tear drop shapes against the work surface to form the wings. Mold the other portion into tear-drop shape for the body.

Brush the back of the beak shape with a small brush dipped in water. Press the beak into the head shape. Wet the bottom of the head, and press it into the widest part of the body of the bird.

Coat the back of each wing with water and press them on either side of the bird’s body.

Flip the white oval shape over and brush the back with water. Press the oval below the head to form the breast of the bluebird.

Use a small knife to score notches on the tips of the wings, the tail and around the white breast.

Pipe two dots of black icing gel over the beak to create the birds eyes. Allow the bird to dry overnight or for six to eight hours.


  • Use yellow food coloring gel to create a canary or red food coloring to create a cardinal. Omit the white oval when creating cardinals.

  • Knead in 1 tsp. of confectioner’s sugar into the fondant if it seems too soft.

  • Add 1 tsp. of water into your dough if it seems too sift. Knead thoroughly before using.