Most people have a drawer full of old T-shirts that never get any wear. As a result, these piles of extra-large shirts from family reunions or promotional events become the victims of spring cleaning and closet overhauls. The next time you come across a big T-shirt in your wardrobe that you just do not know what to do with, use styling techniques or do-it-yourself altering to make the shirt more attractive and wearable.

Cinch a long T-shirt in at the waist with a belt to create the illusion of a minidress. For summer styles, you may wish to also cut off the T-shirt’s sleeves.

Balance out a large T-shirt with tight-fitting bottoms, such as leggings, tights or skinny jeans. Complete this 1980s-inspired look with high-heeled pumps or booties and a thick chain necklace.

Pair wide, loose-fitting T-shirts that end at the waist with fitted mid-thigh length shorts and flat gladiator sandals.

Use scissors to extend the neck opening toward one of the shoulders. Wear your newly created off-the-shoulder shirt with a thin belt.

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