Bathing suits are not known to be the most flattering of attire for women over a size 4. Generally, they provide too little material and what fabric there is clings like a second skin. Give credit where it is due–women do not give up when it comes to swim attire. They do not while away gorgeous summers clothed from head to toe. Instead, they find ways to look thinner in bathing suits.

Things You'll Need

Pick a bathing suit that fits you well. Accurately measure your body and check a size chart to get started. Then, try on suits in that size to see how well they fit. Bend and stretch in front of a mirror to make sure the suit stays in place and no bulges appear doing movement.

Choose a dark-colored, solid one-piece swimsuit to appear thinner. Dark colors are more camouflaging, while prints and bright colors accentuate body size.

Make sure you stand up straight, hold your shoulders back and keep your tummy tucked when wearing a bathing suit. Good posture will make you appear longer and leaner.

Avoid wearing tankinis, as these will “break up” the body and make you look shorter and heavier. You want a suit with a continuous line to give you a svelte look.

Wear heeled sandals with your suit to help you look slimmer. These popular height-elevating pieces of footwear will make your legs appear longer and thinner.

Tan your body before you wear your bathing suit. A tanned body looks smaller than a pasty one. Take care of your skin with a good moisturizer, as clear skin is attractive and draws attention to your positive features.

Pick a bathing suit with a skirt to make your lower body look thinner. To minimize your bust, pick a suit that is straight across the top.

Minimize a big stomach with a bathing suit that has a built-in control panel. Alternatively, you can reduce the appearance of a large tummy with a suit that drapes across that area.


  • Have your hair cut in a nice style, and wear a small amount of natural-toned makeup to draw attention up to your face.

  • Tie a fashionable sarong around your waist to make it look smaller and to cover up a heavy lower body.