You can look stunning with silver hair with the right cut and hair care regimen. Think of attractive celebrities who have chosen to go the natural route, like Jamie Lee Curtis, Emmylou Harris, Anderson Cooper and George Clooney. These men and women flaunt their gray hair with pride and look gorgeous doing so. Dyeing your hair to cover up gray can be expensive, laborious and time-consuming, so if you’ve chosen to express your natural beauty follow a few simple tips.

Things You'll Need

Get the right cut. Choose a cut that is youthful and contemporary. For women, try an above-the-shoulder cut with layers to give your gray hair movement. Many women make the mistake of getting matronly hairdos once they go gray, but that isn’t necessary. For men, try a short, but not buzzed, cut to get that George Clooney look. Avoid long beards, which can make you look older.

If your hair is long, style it straight. Gray hair absorbs light, so a sleek style will help enhance its shine. Use a flat iron and a round brush to straighten your hair.

Pick the right products. Shine-enhancing serums are essential to make silver hair sparkle. Because hair’s protective cuticle weakens as it turns gray, use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair soft and strong. For longer hair, try using a clear gloss every month or so to boost shine.

Protect your hair from sun and chlorine, which can make it dull and brassy. Wear a bathing cap in the pool, and use hair products formulated to protect hair from sun when you’re outside, or wear a hat.

Pay attention to your grooming. For women, use blush or bronzer in a glowing tone that complements your skin and mascara to brighten your eyes, as gray hair can make you look washed out. For men, keep your facial hair trimmed and neat to avoid that grizzled look.