Nothing screams, “I’m wearing foundation,” like a visible color change around your jawline. Other dead giveaways include foundation-colored dry flakes and greasy skin. Caking on your foundation is not only unattractive, it’s uncomfortable — heavy, oily makeup can be miserable in hot or humid weather. Mineral makeup powder gives a much lighter, more natural look. Preparing your skin before applying mineral foundation is as important as your technique — proper cleansing and moisturizing allows the powder to glide on smoothly.

Things You'll Need

Exfoliate your face. Wash with an exfoliating cleanser, use your regular cleanser with a soft washcloth or add a few drops of water to 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Apply the cleanser by making small circles all over your face with your fingertips or the washcloth. Splash your skin with cool water to rinse.

Apply a thin layer of light, oil-free moisturizer with your fingertips. Allow it to soak in for five minutes.

Cover dark circles and blemishes with concealer that matches your skin tone. Dot the concealer on lightly and blend with your fingertips. Apply very thin layers and build up, blending each layer thoroughly, until the blemish or dark spot is no longer visible.

Tap a small amount of mineral powder foundation into the lid of the container and gently swirl a large, soft makeup brush through the powder. Tap off any excess on the side of the lid.

Swirl the brush lightly over your face in a circular motion, starting with the areas that need extra coverage. As with the concealer, build up in thin layers.


  • A sheer, tinted moisturizer will help even out your skin tone before applying your foundation.

  • To ensure that your foundation matches your skin tone, visit a makeup artist for a makeover. Department stores and specialty cosmetics shops often offer this service free.

  • If your skin is extremely oily, skip the moisturizer and move on to the concealer.

  • If you choose to use mineral powder concealer instead of liquid, apply it after you apply the foundation.