NFL cheerleaders are the heart of the game, helping fans to get active and cheer on their team, whether at home or away. Looking like one of them can be a difficult task, as they have a lot to live up to. They give sports fans more to look at than just men tackling each other and throwing a football around. Being fit is certainly the most important role of being an NFL cheerleader, not only because of appearance, but also the physical aspect the routines can bring.

Get plenty of exercise. Fitness is an important part of being a cheerleader. Not only do you have to look the part, you have to be active. A fit stomach and legs are the most important, as they are shown off more than the rest of the body in the cheerleader uniform.

Get a tan. Whether it be from a tanning booth or out of a bottle, the skin must have some color. Most cheerleaders on the sidelines have a deep glow. Tan bodies can also hide minor flaws.

Get your teeth in order. Cheerleaders smile throughout their whole routine and game. A bright, white smile is important.

Take care of your hair. Many of the cheerleaders in the NFL have long, shiny hair. Hair care is important in regular life as well. Get regular trims, keep it well conditioned and brighten it up with regular hair coloring.

Wear minimal makeup. Mascara, light eyeshadow, blush and some lipstick is all that’s needed. Cheerleaders work up a sweat during their routines, and sometimes work in inclement weather. Waterproof mascara and eye makeup should be used.