There comes a time in every girl’s life when they begin to daydream about the fairy tale world of fairies. These beautiful and mythical characters have an ethereal light and playful energy which is emanated in their unique look. If you would like to look like a pixie, whether for a special event or everyday, a few tips can get you started.

Get yourself a pixie haircut, sported by Hollywood stars like Hallie Berry, Winona Ryder and Pink. This stylish look may be short, but it is far from masculine. Characterized by short, spiky layers with bangs gelled to the side, you can augment your pixie look by dying a few locks of your bangs white, purple, pink or blue.

Dress in sheer, pastel fabrics which seem to flow off of your body. Fitted tanks covered by loose transparent tops and short skirts made from layered light fabrics will quickly get you your pixie look. Consider light flowered patterns, glitter and sequins to take the look one step further.

Choose girly, strappy shoes to top of your look. Pixies are known for their dainty yet intricate style, so flat strappy sandals, sequined flip flops or even a shiny pair of baby dolls with a gem buckle are perfect choices for your pixie look.

Look like a pixie by doing your makeup up right. Choose light colors, such as baby blue, purple or pink eyeshadow with light pink blush and lipstick. Consider colored or charcoal eyeliner and mascara instead of black to keep your look illuminated. For the perfect pixie touch, use gel glitter and glitter make-up so that you shimmer like Tinkerbell.