You can look hot as an over 40 woman with these tips!

Eat healthy to look hot over 40. After the age of 30 women gain 1lb of fat a year. Add junk food and soda and a woman can gain 10lbs or more a year. Eat lots of vegetables, salads, fruits and lean meats like chicken and fish.

Lift weights! Hot women over 40 need to lift weights more than younger women to help prevent osteoporosis and keep from getting flabby. Lift heavy weights! You don’t have the testosterone in you to get big!

Dress appropriate for your age. A hot woman over 40 should not dress like a hot 20 year old. Skirts should go to the knee and tops should cover the entire midsection!

Wear natural looking makeup. If you want to look hot and you’re a woman over 40, you need to mask wrinkles and spots without going too heavy, too dark (eye makeup!) or too bright. Invest in a great facial moisturizer.

Take care of your teeth! As women get older teeth can become dark and yellow. Make an appointment to get them whitened and brush and floss everyday. Smile and be happy! You deserve it!