Dressing hippie chic for business is a creative way to look as if you just stepped from the pages of a magazine. The trick to merging hippie fashion with professional attire is proper coordination. Styling yourself only in free-flowing skirts and shirts, for example, may not fly with current employers. Combining one hippie-inspired item for every one professional piece of clothing helps blend your fashion statement and make it more palatable for a workplace environment.

Balance your outfit. Wear a loose-fitting or flowing blouse with khaki pants or a tiered or ruffled black-colored skirt with a white, collared shirt. Balancing your hippie-based enthusiasm with traditional workplace attire gives your outfit both a modern feel and an acknowledgement of the professional atmosphere.

Keep your look minimal. Choose only one hippie-chic fashion item or accessory to wear per day. Select a wide-beaded bracelet on Monday, for example, and wide-legged pants on Tuesday.

Coordinate every hippie-chic item with the rest of your outfit. Wear a corduroy vest, for instance, with an equivalent, professional-looking blazer.

Match your colors. Wear a dark, cobalt blue tie-dyed skirt, for example, with a short-sleeved white or sky blue blouse.

Groom your hair. Wash and condition your hair on a regular basis and style it in a manner consistent with office policy.

Wear modern accessories. Balance a long hair style and bangs with a glossy, silver hair pin, necklace or earrings.