While your style may change over the years, a classic T-shirt will always have a place in your closet. Throwing it on with sweats and jeans can get dull, but you don’t have to demote the classic tee to gym clothes or sleepwear just yet. Get creative in your T-shirt styling and make it top-drawer material again in no time.

Keep It Casual

Use a T-shirt to dress down an outfit for a laid-back day. Pair it with your favorite jeans and sneakers when heading out to the movies. Keep a band, graphic or comfy V-neck tee in your car, and throw it on in place of a blouse or button-down after work before heading out with your friends. Choose a style that fits you well –without being too tight or loose for the most flattering look — and keep it untucked.

Go Oversized

Oversized tees are a comfortable alternative to dresses and even your beloved sweatpants. Women can pull on a T-Shirt that lands just above the knee with a pair of opaque leggings. For added interest, choose a tee with an asymmetrical cut that is slightly longer on one arm or in the back. Oversized tees for women are often easier to find in the men’s department — so try snooping the menswear aisles or even your boyfriend’s closet the next time he’s out. Men can pair oversized styles with bootcut or skinny jeans to keep the look from losing its shape.

Dress It Up

Dress up your favorite tee for your next event. Women can pair a fitted T-shirt with an A-line skirt for a party-ready outfit, or add a belt to the waist of an oversized tee. V-necks in neutrals like white and gray look the most streamlined. Use accessories to change the look to suit the event; add a fitted blazer, heels and chunky jewelry. Men can rock a well-tailored blazer, wrinkle-free dress pants and their best shoes to keep things formal. Opt for a crew neck or high V-neck to peak out from under the blazer without overpowering it. The tee will add personality to the outfit while still looking put together.

Twist and Tuck

The positioning of a T-shirt will change its look entirely. Try tucking the front into a pair of slim jeans while leaving the back out for an instantly chic effect. When shorts season hits, gather the hem of the tee to the side and tie it into a knot. Men can tuck a fitted style into loose jeans or even slim pants for a more streamlined look. Get creative and fray the hem of the shirt with a pair of scissors to take it from basic to edgy.