If there is one piece of attire women dread shopping for most, it is the two-piece bathing suit. There is, perhaps, no other garment that shows off the body in quite such a revealing manner. Women everywhere spend much time, money and worry on the challenge of how to look good in a bikini.

Choose the right sized bathing suit to look good. Measure before you shop and look at a sizing chart to get an idea of where to start. Look for indentations or bulges to tell you a suit is too small and sagging and puckering to indicate a suit is too big.

Pick bikinis that complement your figure. Forget boy shorts if you have thick legs. If you are just a little overweight, try a string bikini. If you want your legs to appear longer, pick a bottom that is high cut. If you want to shorten the look of your body, try a tankini.

Get a tan before you wear your bikini. Whether you do it the old-fashioned way with the sun’s rays or by using a sunless tanning product, you will look better in your bikini if your skin is nicely bronzed. Make sure your bikini is the one you have tanned in to avoid those white lines on your body.

Pay attention to your skin before bikini season. You will look great in a bikini if you have removed hair, exfoliated and moisturized your legs. Don’t forget to take care of your underarms as well. These types of details will go a long way in building your bikini-wearing confidence.

Match your bikini with accessories that give you a total look. Sunglasses, sandals and a great cover-up add to your overall appearance. Try a sandal with a sturdy wedged heel to add length to your legs.

Watch your posture when wearing a bikini. Always stand with your shoulders back, your chest forward and your tummy tucked when walking or standing. Make sure you maintain this great posture when you sit as well. Never slump, as this can create bulges in even very slim women.

Tone up your muscles before you slip on a bikini. Start an exercise program many weeks before your bathing suit debut. Pay attention to such trouble spots as your upper arms, belly and tush. Use light handheld weights when exercising your upper body, and let gravity work when concentrating on the lower area. Your bikini will look good on a firm body.

Drop those extra few pounds before bikini shopping. Do it the right way. Stick with a well-balanced nutritious diet plan that does not drop below 1,000 calories a day. Drink plenty of water to keep down your fluid weight and improve the texture of your skin.