The punk fashion trend is common among North American teens looking to stand out from the crowd and show off their individual sense of style. However, punk fashion was not always trendy. Punk fashion began in the 1970s in London, where teens took part in an anarchist, anti-fashion movement. Today, seeing girls with brightly colored hair, spiked accessories and numerous piercings is not unusual. If you’re a girl looking to add some edginess to your style, piercings, punk band T-shirts and other eclectic accessories will add to the punk look.

Things You'll Need

Dye your hair bright colors like pink, purple or blue. Or, if you don’t want to commit to dyeing your hair, put in colored extensions. Punks wear bright colored hair to stand out from the crowd – choose a bright, girly color that shows off your personality and sense of style.

Wear lots of eyeliner around your eyes and dark mascara. When dressing as a punk, you must emphasize your dark, edgy side. Punk girls wear lots of eye makeup to give them a dark and sultry look.

Wear band T-shirts of your favorite punk bands such as the Ramones or the Sex Pistols. The punk scene is based off this genre of music and as a true punk girl, you should show your love for your favorite punk bands. Choose a T-shirt that is fitted and shows off your feminine side.

Wear short skirts and tank tops and accessorize them with lots of spiked bracelets, skull jewelry, bright leggings or fishnet tights. The key to dressing like a punk girl is to wear feminine clothes like shirts and girly tops, but to add lots of punk accessories to complete the look.

Go out and get some piercings or find some fake magnetic jewelry that looks like the real deal. Both punk men and women wear lots of piercings in their ears, and on other parts of their bodies. Some of the more feminine piercings you can get include the tongue, ear lobes, belly button or surface piercings that accentuate the collar bones or hips.