Unlike punk or hardcore hip hop looks, emo is one look that you can dress in without raising red flags with your strict parents. Some creativity and emo fashion sense get you dressing and looking emo while keeping your parents satisfied.

Dress in relatively tight or form fitting pants. Modern parents are culturally conditioned to expect baggy, sagging pants as a form of aesthetic rebellion. Emo-friendly brands like Dickies (as opposed to trendier pants or jeans) will make your fitted pants look emo with relatively little effort.

Find some T-shirts from popular emo bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate, One Last Wish or Grey Icon. Like your emo pants, keep the shirts fitted and clean to get the emo look that your parents will accept.

Wear a pair of black-rimmed glasses or horn-rimmed glasses. You can find glasses at thrift shops or antique stores. Your friends will see the glasses through emo lenses while your parents will be proud of the studious new look.

Comb your hair so it flows in neat, straight bands but keep it low to your eyebrows. The emo look calls for your hair to be neat around the ears and back, two things that will make your strict parents smile. If you don’t have black hair, see if your parents will allow you to dye it black.

Throw on some emo jewelry that’s simple and silver. A silver chain bracelet is heavy and rough enough to complete your emo dress but attractive enough to pass your parents’ inspection.