How you look in an interview can be the determining factor in landing a job or losing it. Going against multiple applicants who have the same skill set and qualifications as you do can be challenging, so make yourself stand out by dressing professionally. Showing that you came prepared and looking the part reflect a good work ethic and a go-getter mentality. Different types of jobs call for different styles, but the most important factor overall is to look appropriate, polished, confident and professional.

Up on Top

When prepping your hair and makeup, think minimalistic. The more natural you look, the more trusting you appear. Hair should be tidy and not overly styled. Stay away from unnatural colors. Freshly washed hair that is either blow-dried straight or wavy with a finishing serum to tame the frizz and add shine are good options. Another style features hair that is sleekly pulled back into a mid-level ponytail. Use hairspray to keep it in place and eliminate flyaways. Makeup should be natural and fresh. Stay away from shimmer and keep your eye shadow close to your skin tone. If you feel the urge to go bold, save it for your lips. A red lipstick is a classic that shows your bravery and confidence.

Dress to Impress

Don’t be afraid of color. Long gone are the days when gray and navy pantsuits were office requirements. If you want to make a confident statement, go ahead and be bold. However, if you choose to wear a strong color, stay conservative on the style and fabric. Team brightly colored blouses with neutral separates. Stay away from clothing that is too short or too tight. Your goal is to project a professional image.

On Your Feet

High-heeled shoes show that you mean business. Leather pumps are chic, classy and timeless. The heel should be no higher than 3 inches and comfortable enough for you to walk with a confident and effortless gait. If your shoes are old and have scratches on them, either fix them with polish or shop for a new pair. Don’t wear shoes that are run down.

Sugar Coat

Less is more when it comes to jewelry. If you wear a bright color or bold pattern, a necklace may not be necessary, but an accent necklace is stylish and suitable if your overall outfit is subtle. Wear no more than one ring per finger and one simple bracelet or watch per wrist. Don’t wear anything that jingles or makes noise while you move. Earrings should be classic studs or small gold or silver hoops that wrap around the earlobe. Remove any piercings.