How to Locate the Reflexology Sinuses Zone

By LeafTV Editor

How to Locate the Reflexology Sinuses Zone. Over 85 percent of Americans suffer from sinus problems each year. One way to relieve your sinuses without using medicines is reflexology. Reflexology is the art of massaging and applying pressure to certain parts of the hands and feet. Each part of the body has nerve endings in the hands and feet. Massaging these parts effectively relieves your sinus problems.

Locate the Reflexology Sinuses Zone

Step 1

Tell the patient or person afflicted with sinus problems to turn their hands face up.

Step 2

Place one of their hands in the palm of your hand while you apply pressure to the sinus zone.

Step 3

Apply pressure and gently massage the areas on each finger from the top knuckle up. This is where the sinus zone is located in the hand. The tips of the thumbs are not part of the sinus zone. Only the tips of the four fingers on each hand are part of the sinus zone.

Step 4

Place the left foot of the patient in your hands or in your lap. Have the patient relax as much as possible. The more the patient is relaxed the better the reflexology works.

Step 5

Massage and apply pressure to the bottom of the toes on the left foot. This is the place under the fatty pad of the toes. Rub until the sinuses are relieved. The big toe is not connected to the sinuses. Only the other four toes work as reflexology zones.