There are many alternative health avenues that people follow. Many are holistic in approach, treating the body as a whole. Reflexology is a powerful diagnostic tool and a non-invasive procedure to treat areas of need within the human body. Massaging and acupressure techniques can be used on the feet and hands to bring pain relief. Lung conditions may be helped by the activation of these points.

Look at the palm of your right hand. The region along the base of your fingers from side to side and down the palm about one inch denotes the lung region of your palm. Rubbing the region from the center of the hand towards the base of the fingers across this region will activate the lung. Tender spots or sore points indicate that there is some type of stress being applied to the lungs.

Turn your right hand over and curl your fingers loosely into your palm. Along the back of the hand from the knuckles to about one inch back towards the wrist is the lung region. This region extends from one side of the hand to the other side. Rub from the knuckle towards the wrist.

Examine the sole of the right foot. The region defined by the base of the toes from side to side and down to the edge of the ball of the foot is the region for the lungs. Rub from the edge of the ball of your foot towards the base of the toes for relief.

Inspect the top of the right foot and you can find the lung region defined by the base of the toes to about one inch over the top of the foot. The rubbing technique used on the top of the foot is to press from the base of the toe towards the ankle.