Eye liner makes the eyes appear larger, giving the entire face a more attractive appearance. Eye liner has been used for thousands of years to increase the beauty of the female face. Ancient Egyptians used powdered kohl to line their eyelashes, and many of eye liners used today are based on the color of that dark powder. A dark eye liner for the upper lid gives it a dramatic effect.

Choose a color and an eye liner type. There are powdered eye liners, liquid versions and eye liner pencils. Dark colors are generally preferred, as they blend into the color of most eyelashes. To create a liquid liner out of a powder, simply get a small makeup brush damp and dip it into a powdered eye liner.

Lift the eye gently to apply the liner near the upper eyelashes. This will make the space a little easier to work in. Make sure that the eye is closed before applying the eye liner.

Start in the center of the lashes of the upper lid and draw the line outward to the outside corner of the eye. Then go to the inside corner and extend the line from there back to the middle of the lashes.

Leave no room between the lashes and the eye liner. Create a dark line for a more dramatic effect, or a thin line for a more subdued look. To darken the line, trace over it again, or draw above the existing line, leaving no space in between the 2 lines.

Blend the eye liner across the lashes of the upper lid. Blending will make for a softer line, making it look a little more natural.