While you may think that darkened skin on your elbows is just a symptom of aging, in reality it cannot only be treated, but actually prevented. If you already have dark elbows, then some simple treatments that you can do at home will quickly resolve the issue for you, and changing just a few daily habits will likely prevent the problem from recurring.

Things You'll Need

Exfoliate your elbows twice a week. Use a loofah and an exfoliating scrub like a sugar scrub or a beaded scrub to really get your elbows clean. The skin on your elbows is rougher and thicker than on the rest of your body. If you do not exfoliate it regularly, it will appear darker even when it is completely clean. Additionally, the cracks in your elbows will hold onto dirt even when you wash if you do not use a granular scrub at least once a week.

Try lightening the skin with a lime juice treatment. Rub a cut lime onto your elbows, then add some coconut oil to the mix. Leave the treatment on for about 30 minutes before washing it off with warm water. You can do this nightly until your elbows are as light as you like, but take a day or two off if you notice your skin getting cracked, dry or red.

Modify your behavior. If you lean on your elbows while you work, then you probably are creating darker spots because of the pressure you are putting on them. Try to avoid leaning on your elbows, and moisturize them daily to help protect them from any pressure that you cannot avoid.

Sunscreen your elbows when you are going to be outside. Your elbow skin will pick up a tan more quickly than other parts of your body. Sunscreen will limit this effect and also protect you from harmful UV rays.