Strategically applying makeup can lift and slim your face. Use bronzer, in addition to your regular makeup, to lift your cheekbones and make your face look more narrow. Use mineral, liquid or powder bronzer, and receive the same results for all. Quality applicators and blending are important keys when using bronzer for a slimming effect.

Things You'll Need

Cleanse and moisturize your face. Apply concealer to disguise any blemishes and foundation to even your skin tone.

Look in the mirror, and suck in your cheeks. Find the area that is indented the most. Your cheekbones are just above this.

Choose a bronzer that is a few shades darker than your natural color. Pick a bronzer that has little shimmer. Purchase bronzer from a trained expert that can help you choose the correct shade.

Dust a light line of bronzer from your hairline to the apple of your cheek. Put the bronzer in the area that is sunken in when you suck in your cheeks and not on the actual cheek bone.

Blend the bronzer as you put it on so that is not evident where the bronzer begins and ends. Use a small amount of bronzer at first, and apply additional bronzer until the desired look is achieved.

Apply the bronzer so that it is thinner at the hairline and thickens as you near the cheeks.

Add a highlighter to your cheekbones and a dusting of blush on the apple of your cheeks.