The way we wear our makeup and what cosmetics we wear changes with our age. What’s flattering at age 50 isn’t necessarily at 60 and older. Our skin changes and with that, our makeup will change, too.

Magnify your assets. The older we get, the more work it takes to look the way we want to. Makeup at this point will not make us look as if we’ve had a face lift. But for our makeup to work for us, it has to look effortless. Now is a great time to invest in a really good magnifying mirror, if you don’t already have one. It will help you spot unwanted facial hair and help you blend your makeup.

Choose your colors. Our coloring has become more pale, and gray hair can drain even more color from our skin. Warm up the complexion with a palette of honey beiges or golden pinks. Avoid blue-based pinks and grays. Women with darker skin tones should try the burgundy shades of lip color; women with fairer skin tones should try rose lip colors.

Avoid the frosting. If your eyebrows have gotten light with gray hair, use a taupe pencil or shadow to soften and darken them up. Skip eye shadow, blush or foundation with any element of frost; this will only accentuate lines and creases.

Glow lightly. Foundation and concealer are still great to use, only now they need to be applied sparingly. A foundation with a creamy consistency is more flattering; just apply with a moist sponge so it doesn’t look heavy. Perk up pale skin by lightly dusting cheeks, chin and forehead with bright shades of blush — the aim is to have a healthy glow and not a clownish appearance. Foundation that is too pink or too yellow will look artificial.

Avoid yellows. As we age, our teeth naturally darken or yellow. When wearing lipstick, avoid yellow-based lip colors such as apricot or orange-peach.


  • Curl your lashes, and wear mascara.