Round faces have a great variety of hairstyles that will flatter their face structure the best. Although longer hairstyles typically do look better on round faces you can choose some shorter styles and have soft curls flowing to help elongate your face.

Long hair styles work best for your shape. Long hair elongates a round face and can be more flattering than short cuts are on you. Layers in particular will look better the all one length. Layers work well for all face shapes but be more flattering on round faces since it elongates your face. Wavy hair also can help create a beautiful look on round faces. Also hairstyles that give fullness and height at the crown will draw attention up and elongate your face.

Avoid slick up-do hairstyles that have no hair whatsoever hanging down around your face since they will make your face appear wider then normal. Even just having an up-do with some curls coming down can make flatter your look. Chin length hair with rounded lines are also not very good for flattering your face structure. They make your face appear to be rounder.

Since we all focus so much on celebrities lets talk about a few famous round faces celebrities….

Mandy Moore ~ She always looks beautiful and classy. She often wears her hair long and slightly wavy in the front with layers. Long layers look amazing on her and she wears her hair down almost all the time.

Drew Barrymore ~ We all know and love her from the time she was in E.T.(1982) She always looks great and she is a classic round faces celeb. We have seen her with shorter styles and long style and several different colors in between. She looks best with longer hair with layers in it and soft curls.

Christina Ricci ~ Another famous round face that looks best with her hair longer and fullness at her crown. She has worn her hair slick back often and it makes her face appear even rounder. She looks best medium length with her hair down.

Kate Winslet ~ She always looks beautiful. Often she wears her wavy and long or medium length. She has worn her hair up on occasions but has soft curls coming down to accent her face structure. She is a great example of beauty with a round face.

I hope that these tips are useful to you in finding the right hairstyle for you. Certain looks just look better on certain face shapes, so next time you go to get a new hairstyle consult for awhile with your hair stylist and ask them any questions that you have. Getting the best hairstyle for your face will help you look your best and feel your best to when you get compliments by those around you!