Whether you buy a Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Chanel or Christian Dior handbag, you want to know that you have the genuine article. To those with a discerning eye, the difference between an authentic handbag and a knockoff is easily recognizable. Once you learn what details to look for, feel assured your money is well spent. Authentic handbags are high-quality merchandise that provide years of wear and never go out of style.

Things You'll Need

Check the stitching. An authentic handbag will have even stitches, no missing stitches, and stitches that aren’t loose. The thread matches the main color of the bag.

Examine the hardware. An authentic handbag will have matching hardware that is heavy in weight and of even luster. Most companies place plastic over the hardware to protect it. The company often engraves the brand name or logo on the hardware. It doesn’t print the name on the hardware.

Feel the leather. Authentic handbags are made of high-quality leather that isn’t stiff. Usually, the logo is engraved in the leather, as well as on the hardware. An authentic handbag made of leather is heavy and will stand up without collapsing.

Check the details. Most authentic handbags have a satin lining. The brand name is often engraved in the lining. Open and close the zipper. It should work properly. Look for the accents on the bag; they’re leather, not vinyl.

Inspect the bag for a serial number. Companies such as Fendi and Gucci have serial numbers. The Fendi serial number is on the inside of the pocket. The Gucci serial number is near the zipper on a separate tag. Besides serial numbers, many companies have authenticity cards that include a bar code.


  • Examine the strap for engraved logos.
    If the bag is made of cloth, the pattern will match at the seams.
    Ask the retailer for an authenticity card.