Women: Do you find yourself walking out of your shoes? Especially if you are in a hurry? Of course this can be upsetting or even dangerous! This article will teach you how to keep your shoes on!

Things You'll Need

If you find you are walking out of your shoes, having a non standard shoe size is usually the culprit. By this I mean that your heels are more narrow than the toe end of your feet. Not many brands of womens shoes offer narrow heels with medium width or wide width at the toe. For example, when a shoe is marked W it means wide everywhere! What to do?

Go to shoe stores which offer a variety of brands, which will increase your chances of finding something that fits. Always try shoes on. NEVER buy a size 8 just because you have been told you wear that size. Since shoes come in many styles and brands, the first thing to do is to try all shoes you are interested in at the “regular” size and one size down. Do not overlook a 7 1/2 if you are “supposed” to wear an 8, especially if both shoes are medium in width. The smaller “medium” might be narrow enough for you. Of course, if the end is pressing on your toe, or your toes feel cramped, don’t buy the shoe just because it doesn’t slip off!

Be sure to wear the type of sock or stocking that you will most likely have on during normal wear. This is because you may walk around the store without losing shoes if you have on a sock, but later the shoe may fall off every time when you wear stockings!

Bring some foam shoe inserts with you and try the shoes on with the inserts and without. Sometimes a shoe that is loose in the heel will fit better when some of the space up is filled up with an insert.

Although this is probably not a medically recommended practice (try at your own risk!), sometimes I also try putting a little piece of foam up in the toe. It may keep your foot from sliding forward and thus keep your heel back where it belongs.

Also be sure to try shoes on when your feet are least likely to be swollen (for example, not at the end of a long day standing on your feet, and not when you hare having your menstrual period). If you have trouble with swelling, you know what times to avoid. If you try on shoes when your feet are swollen, you may find yourself stepping out of them when the swelling reduces.

Consider shoes with straps. If the mary janes style is available and you can work it into your wardrobe, this is the best answer of all. Mary Janes come in many styles, from dressy to casual. You can find some with jewels at the buckle area, which transforms a potentially “childish” look to a look of fancy diamonds or pearls. You might even think about wearing earrings and a necklace that match the buckle ornament. As long as the shoe fits reasonably well, you won’t step out of Mary Jane’s!


  • Don’t buy a lot of shoes that you slip out of before applying these tips. You should never have to trip or stumble because of your shoes again!