It is inevitable for skin to lose its natural elasticity over time, but you can keep the skin tight by performing targeted exercises. With age, the neck skin tends to become loose, which can be prevented if you adopt key exercises for the neck area so that the skin remains firm and supple. In addition to carrying out routine exercise, include healthy foods in your lifestyle for strengthening the muscles and giving the skin a tighter appearance. This will also prevent wrinkles from forming in the neck area.

Things You'll Need

Wrap a light weight plate — preferably 2 lbs. or less — in a towel. Lie on a bench with the feet on the floor at each side or on top of the bench. Keep your head suspended from the edge of the bench. Put the towel on your forehead and hold it with both of your hands. Move your head upward by flexing the neck area, and reach up until your chin touches the upper chest. Return to the previous position. Repeat 10 to 12 times.

Lie on the bench with your face down. Keep the towel on the back of your head this time, supported by both of your hands. Flex and extend your neck using only the neck muscles by beginning with your head pointed toward the floor and reaching all the way up and then coming down. Repeat 10 times.

Stand in front of a mirror with the right hand placed on the side of your head. Push your head with full force, applying pressure on the neck muscles only. Count to 10 and then stop pushing. Now create constant tension on the neck muscles by pushing the head with your left hand in the opposite direction. Count to 10, then stop. Repeat a set of 12.

Sit straight with your back perpendicular to the bench and lift your face toward the ceiling. Keep your mouth shut and your lips in a line. Slowly start moving your lower lip over the top lip from a relaxed position and go all the way up, as far as possible. Count to 10. Repeat the process 12 times.


  • If you don’t have a weight plate, use a heavy book instead.

  • Watch your weight, as putting on excessive weight can cause the skin around your neck to become loose.