Unless you don’t eat red meat, many people opt to skip the turkey burgers at the barbecue. Turkey burgers are much leaner than ground beef, which makes it healthier, but a lot drier as well. However, your turkey burgers can become the star of the barbecue with a few simple tips. The key to juicy, flavorful turkey burgers is to add in the moisture with other ingredients in place of the fat that they don’t have.

Things You'll Need

Use ground turkey that includes at least some dark meat. Turkey has little fat, which makes it harder to retain moisture. Dark meat, however contains much more moisture than white meat, so ground turkey that includes a little bit of dark meat is ideal. Look for packaged ground turkey that is labeled between 93 and 97 percent fat free. The turkey burger will still be relatively healthy, with a little fat retained for juiciness. Alternately you can use ground turkey thighs, which is all dark meat to make your turkey burger.

Saute chopped onions and bell peppers in olive oil until they are soft and add to the ground beef mixture. The moisture from the vegetables as well as the olive oil add moisture and flavor to turkey burger.

Add eggs and breadcrumbs to the ground turkey mixtures. This will really help keep the turkey burger moistened and bound well together as well. For one pound of ground turkey use 1/4 bread crumbs and one egg. You could also use quick cooking oats in place of breadcrumbs.

Include wet components such as mustard into your ground turkey mix, which also adds both moisture and flavor to your mixtures. Try a dash of spicy Dijon mustard, or barbecue or Worcestershire sauce.


  • Add colorful vegetables such as red and yellow bell peppers, and bright green herbs such as cilantro to make the turkey burger look more appealing while imparting more flavor.