It’s annoying to put on a terrific pair of strapless shoes only to find yourself falling out of them with every step. This inconvenience doesn’t have to slow you down and it isn’t the inevitable cost of dressing stylishly. There are a number of simple ways to ensure that your favorite strapless shoes stay just where you want them to: on your feet.

Buy only shoes that fit properly. A lot of slippage problems are due to too large or badly proportioned shoes. Your shoe size will change over the course of your lifetime, so get your feet sized whenever you shop for shoes. If you have one foot that’s bigger than the other, buy shoes that fit the larger foot. Walk around in the shoes you try to be sure that you can move in them comfortably. If a pair hurts or is difficult to walk in, give it a pass.

Insert heel grips. If your problem shoes have closed backs, heel grips can help alleviate slippage. Heel grips are flexible inserts that adhere to the inside lining of your shoes’ heels. They are intended to provide cushioning and prevent heel slippage by gently holding your heel as you walk.

Try hair spray. If heel grips don’t work for you, an alternate trick to keep feet from slipping out of shoes is using hair spray as a temporary adhesive. Simply spray the soles of your feet with hair spray and slip on your shoes. The slight stickiness of the spray will keep your heels from slipping. When wearing strapless shoes, tuck a travel-sized container of hair spray into your purse for emergency touch-ups.

Investigate “invisible” straps. If your problem shoes have high heels, you might be interested in trying commercially available straps that wrap around the heel of your shoe, then your ankle to hold strapless shoes in place. These removable straps are sold in a range of colors, including clear plastic for those who want to keep the “strapless” look.