Radishes are a nutritious root vegetable that are low in calories and are available in summer and winter varieties. Summer radishes are small, tender bulbs that can be found in red, white, pink, purple and red and white versions. Winter radishes are larger bulbs with a strong, pungent taste and are available in black, white or green. Both varieties are a good source of folate and potassium, and high in vitamin C, while containing antioxidant properties. Winter and summer radishes can be kept fresh in the same manner with little effort.

Things You'll Need

Cut off the green end of the radish with a knife. Be sure not to cut into the radish, and do not remove the tip. Do not wash the radishes before storage. The excess moisture will cause spoilage.

Place the greens into plastic storage bags, and the radishes into separate storage bags. The moisture in the greens causes the radishes to spoil at a faster rate.

Put the bags into the refrigerator crisper. The greens will remain fresh for two to three days. Summer radishes need to be used within five to seven days. Winter varieties can be stored for up to two weeks before they spoil.

Wash the radishes under cold, running water. Use a scrub brush to remove any dirt. Dry with a clean towel. Cut off the tip and stem before use. Soak the radishes for an hour in ice water to crisp.