Gray hair is going to happen to everyone eventually. Sometimes the gray hair we have takes on a yellowish tint. However, there are solutions to the problem of yellowing gray hair.

Wash gray hair with a shampoo made specifically for taking the yellow tint out of gray hair. Ask your salon stylist for recommendations of products that would best suit the needs of your hair type. Products recommended to remove yellowing tints are Nexxus shampoos, VO-5 and Pantene. Others that you might have to purchase at a beauty supply store or salon include Phytargent whitening shampoo and shampoo products by Lush and Rene Furterer.

Rinse gray hair with conditioner regularly made specifically to take the yellow out of gray hair. The conditioners are marketed by the same brands as listed in Step 1.

Wash in a temporary whitening rinse on gray hair to take out the yellow tint. Do this regularly in your grooming routine. “Fanciful” is a brand used for a long time just for this purpose. Ask your hair stylist for other suggestions according to your hair type.

Keep the men in your life with gray hair looking great as well. Men have the same problems as women with yellowing tints showing up in their hair. If they feel uncomfortable using products they feel are for women, ask a stylist to recommend products for men to remove the yellowing tints from their gray hair. One product available just for men is “Daddyo.”