Strawberries contain healthy vitamin C and have a sweet flavor making them perfect for a variety of desserts. These vibrant fruits also contain a cancer-preventing compound commonly known as ellagic acid. While the red, juicy berries make good jellies and jams many people enjoy eating them fresh. Extend the life of fresh berries by storing them properly. With the appropriate handling, prolong the life of your berries so you may snack on your harvest longer.

Things You'll Need

Harvest or buy berries that have the caps and stems still on them. This will keep the strawberries fresher, longer. Place harvested fruits in a cooler with an ice pack to keep them from ripening too quickly.

Sort through the strawberries tossing out fruits that have cuts, dents or bad spots on them. Toss out any berries that have obvious pests.

Place the berries in a vented strawberry container or plastic colander. Set the colander inside your refrigerator’s crisper.

Wash strawberries briefly in cold water before eating them. Do not wash the berries ahead of time or soak them. This will make them soften and ripen.