The best-tasting cupcakes are moist and not crumbly. The cake stays together nicely and each bite holds just the right amount of moisture. Maintaining that perfect level — without the cake becoming too soggy or too dry — takes special care if you want to keep cupcakes fresh and moist for more than a few hours. Stored properly, cupcakes will taste almost as good as if they were freshly baked, with the delicate flavors held in balance and moisture permeating each crumb.

Things You'll Need

Short-Term Storage

Place the cupcakes in a container with a tight-fitting lid if you are not eating them within a few hours. Keep them at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Store the cupcakes in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator if you won’t be eating them for a day or two. This is especially important in the summer if your kitchen temperatures hover around 85 degrees Fahrenheit since mold and bacteria can grow fairly quickly in this environment.

Slice an apple in half and place one half in the cupcake storage container. If you don’t have enough space for half an apple, use a few smaller slices. The apple will help keep the moisture levels high in the container.

Long-Term Storage

Place the unfrosted cupcakes in an air-tight container suitable for freezing and store for up to two weeks.

Wrap each cupcake individually with plastic and then foil if you want to store them for a month or more. The plastic will hold moisture in the cupcake, while the foil will protect it from freezer burn. Freeze them on a flat surface and once frozen, keep them together in a container to protect them from being crushed.

Unwrap the cupcakes after you remove them from the freezer and ice them quickly. They will thaw at room temperature within the hour and be ready for serving as moist as if you had just baked them.


  • Delay frosting the cupcakes until you are ready to serve them.