It’s frustrating to buy a bunch of fresh bananas, only to have them quickly turn brown and no longer edible. While very ripe bananas are good for some things, such as banana crumb muffins or banana cookies, it may be more desirable to have yellow bananas on hand for eating raw. There are a few simple and easy things you can do to ensure your bananas ripen as slowly as possible.

Store the bananas in the refrigerator. This helps them to stay fresh longer and slows down the ripening process considerably. If you do not like the taste of cold bananas, you may take the bananas out of the refrigerator an hour before you eat them. You may also store bananas in the freezer; they will taste good on their own, or they can be used for smoothies.

Keep the bananas away from other fruits and vegetable you may have sitting around. Being around other fruits speeds up the ripening process and causes bananas to turn brown much more quickly.

Keep the bananas in a temperature below 70 degrees. They will ripen much more quickly if your house is warm. Once the temperature reaches the high 70s, the bananas will ripen rapidly. The cooler you keep your bananas, the longer it will take for them to turn brown.

Select green bananas. It is a good idea to choose a bunch of green bananas, since this is when they are meant to be picked from the banana tree. If your goal is to have the bananas last as long as possible, choosing green bananas gives you the maximum amount of time until they are ripe.

Purchase firm bananas. Test for firmness when choosing your bananas. If they are soft and have several bruises or cuts, they may not be the best candidates for the slowest ripening time. Make sure to choose a flawless banana, as close to green as possible, with no soft spots or tears in the skin.