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Bananas are a healthy and convenient snack, high in potassium and good fats. The only problem is bananas ripen very quickly, and the peels tend to turn brown or black after only a few days. Although a brown or black peel does not mean the banana is rotten, most people enjoy the bananas when they are more yellow. There are a few tricks you can try to keep the bananas yellow for a few extra days.

Hang your bananas on a banana hanger. A banana hanger is a wooden or metal stand with a hooked arm that elevates the bananas. Keeping the bananas off the ground will prevent the bananas from bruising and turning brown.

Place your bananas into a bowl. Squeeze an entire lemon over the peels just one time. The acid in the lemons will prevent the oxygen from turning the peels black for several days.

Wrap the bananas tightly in plastic wrap and/or aluminium foil. Place the bananas in the freezer and thaw each one out when you're ready to eat it.


Do not place bananas in the refrigerator. This will turn the peels dark brown or black very quickly.

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