How to Keep Banana Peels From Turning Black

By Andrea Griffith

Bananas are a healthy and convenient snack, high in potassium and good fats. The only problem is bananas ripen very quickly, and the peels tend to turn brown or black after only a few days. Although a brown or black peel does not mean the banana is rotten, most people enjoy the bananas when they are more yellow. There are a few tricks you can try to keep the bananas yellow for a few extra days.

Follow a few tricks to keep your bananas looking yellow and ripe.

Step 1

Hang your bananas on a banana hanger. A banana hanger is a wooden or metal stand with a hooked arm that elevates the bananas. Keeping the bananas off the ground will prevent the bananas from bruising and turning brown.

Step 2

Place your bananas into a bowl. Squeeze an entire lemon over the peels just one time. The acid in the lemons will prevent the oxygen from turning the peels black for several days.

Step 3

Wrap the bananas tightly in plastic wrap and/or aluminium foil. Place the bananas in the freezer and thaw each one out when you're ready to eat it.